Teqqam Design

Graphic Design

Well thought-out design will make a difference for your B2B company. It provides your organisation with a unique identity and positioning. Graphic design allows you to:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Generate trust in your company
  • Have a professional and consistent image


Logos & Icons

Give your B2B company a unique and professional identity.

Corporate Identity

Create consistency in the way you use your brand, fonts and colours.


Visualise your data and make it easy to understand for your target market.

e-Brochures & Catalogs

Communicate your products through downloadable documents.


Create digital ads that trigger potential clients to take action.


Bring your messages to life with animated data and visuals.

Social Media Visuals

Reach new clients on social media channels with images that stand out.

Presentation Decks

Make an impact with professional presentations and sales decks.

Photo & Video-Editing

Bring your B2B company to life with authentic photos and videos.

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