In order to resolve your specific online needs, Teqqam offers a range of digital services.

Teqqam Services Funnel
Teqqam Strategy

Use relevant strategies to achieve your goals

Without a digital strategy the chances that you will succeed in today's competitive industrial markets are small.

Teqqam Design

Make your company stand out with design

Well thought-out graphic design will make a difference for your B2B company. It provides your organisation with a unique identity and positioning.

Teqqam Websites

The website at the center of your digital activities

Your website is a strategic tool to capture the attention of potential clients. It lets people know who you are and stand for.

Teqqam Digital Marketing

Generate new opportunities with digital marketing

60-90% of industrial buyers start their search for a solution online. It's crucial that these people are able to find you!

Process steps

Step 1

Find out key insights about your company, market and audience.

Step 2

Set goals and create a game plan based on the inbound methodology.

Step 3

Develop custom digital products that meet the needs of your audience.

Step 4

Select and manage suited online channels to reach your audience.

Step 5

Apply tools to collect and analyse data to improve all marketing activities.

Teqqam Inbound Process

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