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Why work with me?

10 years of B2B experience

Working in several technical industries allowed me to understand the specific needs of complex B2B markets.

Broad Digital Marketing expertise

Throughout my career I gained broad theoretical and practical marketing knowledge which I apply in projects today.

Structured approach

Projects are always based on the inbound methodology and follow a set of clear steps to achieve results.

Design skills

Adobe´s and Affinity´s software in my toolbox enable me to visually create exactly what your B2B company needs.

English language skills

Studying and working in English for more than a decade allowed me to take my language skills to professional proficiency.

About Teqqam

Teqqam was founded as an answer to the digital challenges faced by B2B companies in technical industries. While it is getting increasingly important and even crucial, many companies struggle to find suitable ways to use the internet´s potential. It´s Teqqam´s mission to help these companies become more competitive online.

Teqqam Tec + Cam

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